Disinfectant and sanitizing wipes for cleaning the Equistasi® medical device

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Melt-blown non-woven polypropylene wipes for cleaning and disinfecting the Equistasi® medical device. Pack of 30 wipes.

The wipes are pre-soaked with a 70% isopropanol and 30% deionized water solution to ensure the disinfection of Equistasi®. The product is free of additives. The special melt-blown polypropylene contains low levels of sodium and other ions. The wipes are supplied in sealed bags with resealable flaps, practical and easy to use.

Equistasi® is a wearable and innovative medical device created by nanotechnology research. The device, based on vibrational technology, self-produces imperceptible focal vibrations, useful for improving the quality of life.

One pack contains 30 wipes.